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Navigating Through The New Norm

Many of our children are preparing to or have already returned to school, and because of this, we have many uncertainties. For families all over the country, these unknowns are causing a great deal of fear, anxiety, and depression. How will my child adapt to this new way of schooling? Are we able to successfully navigate through virtual learning? Will my child have a successful academic experience? Will this impact my child’s social skills? Will my child be safe? These are all very valid questions that any caring parent or guardian would want to know, but here is the reality--this is new for us all, and were all learning as we go.

It is best to focus on what you do know and build from there. Below are tips that you can focus on to keep you and your children positive while we all navigate through this new way of life.

1. Release the need to be in control. Trust that you’re enough to conquer the unknown; you will not be destroyed.

2. Meditate on what you do have, i.e., the love of your family, health, etc. Find the good in your life and emphasize the good to minimize the bad.

3. Create new norms; this is the opportunity to explore with your family new ways, allow creativity and flexibility to be essential tools in this season.

4. We must teach our children the value of gratitude and who better lead by example than you! If you are positive and optimistic, they will follow you’re lead.

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